Long Drive Home

lately, I cant breath

lately, I cant eat

And sleep is a thing of the past

Just like you

Well the idea of you

Because I never had you

I just had the idea

Because that’s what you do

You make everyone think

But only give us enough to create our own image

Because It suppose to be us that creates our own happiness

But I want you to apart of this as well

I want us to be happy, not just me

I dont want to be happy without you

Without you I’m numb

Without you, I’ve taken a backseat to my life

I watch the lights, The wercks

Without seeing the Beauty

Without seeing the mess

Without seeing you

Because Nothing can compare to what I see in you

The mess you are

The mess you make me

How beautiful you are

How beautiful we are

But they told me this was going to be a long ride

And Love, I am here for that ride no matter how long you want to drive for

We can even listen to your playlist

Because, your music is the only thing I can hear in my world anyway


The world

You are my world

but think of it like this

I am the moon

and you are the world

the Earth

A home

where safety rest

but also so scared of everything

I’m the moon and I can never be apart of your world

You have so much

You have the world

You are endless and you never stop giving all of you

I am the moon

Pale, Cold, Alone, sad, I just want to come home

But you were never my home

you were just the idea of a home but I still come and see you every night.

Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday

did it hurt you?

happened to us. of all people, right?

I mean I never thought that I was the type of person.

And I never thought you would become the person that I made you be.

but, it happens right?

Everything I could have asked for

your hair, Music taste, love. So much love

you made me worth every moment.

All I ever did hurt you.

Someone who I loved more than the moon

someone that could take every piece of darkness away from me when the moon couldn’t

But when My moon was hiding you took the stars

so I was left in all of my darkness

I was left in my world

left with the night and my mind

My Mind

The most destructive monster I’ve ever seen

I mean it was the one who destroyed the night sky.

Oh yeah, Happy Birthday.

Talking To MySelf

Don’t cry

Because you are stronger than that

Don’t cry because he won’t see it anyway

Don’t cry

No one cares

Don’t cry

Because you really won’t do it

Don’t cry You are so tired of crying over the same boy the same boy who you let use you emotionally

You are so tired of crying over the same boy The same boy who you let use you emotionally

The same boy who you let use you emotionally

The same boy that you help rebuild just so another can have him

You don’t get to be heald and you have to get over that

It’s not your turn it’s not your life to live


Baby you’ve been living for years 

Its everyone else that makes you feel like you’re not living 

I know it’s not fair but that’s this go around you don’t get the prince in this story 

You just get to help him find his princess 


I know you are but you’re not the one they want 

Because you’re the one they need 


Perfect Company

The moon is perfect company I’ve been trying to escape

But you’re the one that leaves me in the morning

Left with the light

Left with the fight

The Fight of the day

The Eyes Of Love

last night you almost kissed me on the forehead, but something came over you right before your lips met me for the first time. So, you just smashed your mouth into my head.

Now, How am I supposed to work with that? How do you move forward? Why can’t you make up your mind? Do you want to try this? Do I want to try this?

I know that if we try and this doesn’t work I could lose everything.

I cant lose everything again.

I couldn’t lose you. I won’t lose you.

But if we do this you could lose me, Its always you that leaves. Even when I’m begging with my eyes with my body that you just stay five more minutes. but you cant just stay with me. you cant just sit with me. there have to be others around or…. or what?

we would have to face it

face me

I face you

I haven’t looked at you in so long. I’m so scared to fall into those eyes again

the eyes of you

because I know what comes after falling into those eyes. those eyes lead to a bottomless pit of an up or down. But whatever goes up must come down right so whats the point.

Because you are the best thing that has ever happen to me.

But I said that about the last one, and the one before that so.

I ask again whats the point.

Now I know I sound redundant.

Talking To Me

Taking to you is as hard as waking up

Talking to you is like loving yourself in the morning

loving you is like talking to you

Because talking to you is facing who I am and who Im not


Someone whos good enough

Someone worth your time

Talking to you is knowing Im worth my time

Am I worth my time

Loving you is having to love me

Thats why I cant talk to you

Because I dont know how to love me

My Name Is Taylor Mayo

Hi, my name is Taylor Mayo and I’m trying. It sounds like a punchline because it’s to the end of the joke I call my life. This sounds cliche but I’m trying.

I’m trying to make you see that I’m really giving my all to this thing we call life. Just some days its really hard for me to try.

I’m trying to make you feel the pain that I have from doing what they call “normal” day to day things.

I’m trying to talk to you.

I mean really talk to you because that’s something I never fiugerd out how to do that and not just with you with everyone.

You wonder why I say im tryig

I say this because I littliry cant speak. I cant use words most of the time because I cant contorl what I say.

Because I was thought that what im saying isnt going to make a differnce so why even say it.

I cant control what I say

the other person in my head that controls what I’m saying tells me to shout from the rooftops

But me

I know that most people can handle what we have to say

So when I say I’m trying it’s really me saying I tired of people leaving me

So I stopped shouting and now I’m trying

Now I try to find people that I don’t have to talk to

the ones that just know

the ones that see me shouting from the inside

they can see the panic flow though me that is me trying.