My Name Is Taylor Mayo

Hi, my name is Taylor Mayo and I’m trying. It sounds like a punchline because it’s to the end of the joke I call my life. This sounds cliche but I’m trying.

I’m trying to make you see that I’m really giving my all to this thing we call life. Just some days its really hard for me to try.

I’m trying to make you feel the pain that I have from doing what they call “normal” day to day things.

I’m trying to talk to you.

I mean really talk to you because that’s something I never fiugerd out how to do that and not just with you with everyone.

You wonder why I say im tryig

I say this because I littliry cant speak. I cant use words most of the time because I cant contorl what I say.

Because I was thought that what im saying isnt going to make a differnce so why even say it.

I cant control what I say

the other person in my head that controls what I’m saying tells me to shout from the rooftops

But me

I know that most people can handle what we have to say

So when I say I’m trying it’s really me saying I tired of people leaving me

So I stopped shouting and now I’m trying

Now I try to find people that I don’t have to talk to

the ones that just know

the ones that see me shouting from the inside

they can see the panic flow though me that is me trying.



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