The Eyes Of Love

last night you almost kissed me on the forehead, but something came over you right before your lips met me for the first time. So, you just smashed your mouth into my head.

Now, How am I supposed to work with that? How do you move forward? Why can’t you make up your mind? Do you want to try this? Do I want to try this?

I know that if we try and this doesn’t work I could lose everything.

I cant lose everything again.

I couldn’t lose you. I won’t lose you.

But if we do this you could lose me, Its always you that leaves. Even when I’m begging with my eyes with my body that you just stay five more minutes. but you cant just stay with me. you cant just sit with me. there have to be others around or…. or what?

we would have to face it

face me

I face you

I haven’t looked at you in so long. I’m so scared to fall into those eyes again

the eyes of you

because I know what comes after falling into those eyes. those eyes lead to a bottomless pit of an up or down. But whatever goes up must come down right so whats the point.

Because you are the best thing that has ever happen to me.

But I said that about the last one, and the one before that so.

I ask again whats the point.

Now I know I sound redundant.

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