Long Drive Home

lately, I cant breath

lately, I cant eat

And sleep is a thing of the past

Just like you

Well the idea of you

Because I never had you

I just had the idea

Because that’s what you do

You make everyone think

But only give us enough to create our own image

Because It suppose to be us that creates our own happiness

But I want you to apart of this as well

I want us to be happy, not just me

I dont want to be happy without you

Without you I’m numb

Without you, I’ve taken a backseat to my life

I watch the lights, The wercks

Without seeing the Beauty

Without seeing the mess

Without seeing you

Because Nothing can compare to what I see in you

The mess you are

The mess you make me

How beautiful you are

How beautiful we are

But they told me this was going to be a long ride

And Love, I am here for that ride no matter how long you want to drive for

We can even listen to your playlist

Because, your music is the only thing I can hear in my world anyway


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