It was just one moment.

I miss you already,

So much,  that it’s not that I cant eat its that I don’t want to

Because that was our thing

I cant sleep for the same reason

But you know this we’ve done this time and time again

isn’t it funny how time always rips us apart

time is what really hurt us

Our time came now I’m waiting till I see you again in someone else but only for a moment

I wait for those moments because you are worth the moment you made me feel like I was.


If That Makes sense​

All these people and I just want to be alone with you

Because the truth is that someone or something will always tare us apart

and I will be happy for you to go to her

I can only give you so much of me

And I know you will love her more because you loved me

And hopefully, one day, you can love yourself as much as I will always love you

If that makes sense


Im still waiting for you

waiting for you to call me and tell me you’re sorry it took so long for you to forgive me

that you’ve been broken since you left me on that street where I said I’m sorry just as many times as I’ve cried

that every time you see me it takes everything in you to not slam your lips into mine

because you forgot how I taste 

that you cant even look yourself in the mirror because you can’t stand to see the person who hurt someone who could actually love you

that you hope my life hasn’t been as empty as yours

that it killed you to leave me and you’re sorry

I’m still waiting, waiting for the day I don’t want this

Your not sorry

you’re waiting for me

for me to stop coming to the shows, waiting to not have to hold your breath as you pass me because you still can stomach to breathe the same air as me

Baby breathe, you don’t have to forgive me

Because I still haven’t

Just Love.

I’m so scared to tell you

I’m so scared to even show you

Because I know you’re scared of it

I know you’ll run

Because I see you do it constantly

You couldn’t have what you wanted now you don’t care

Well, that’s what you want everyone to see

I know you, I know that you need, want, I know you miss love you wake up numb. Baby you’re, not numb you’re lost and what you are looking for is right in front of you and you’re so scared of it you run and hide and when someone brings it up you’re at a loss for words because you haven’t seen it in so long you forgot how to speak to it.

When you actually feel love you reset back to your ground rules run, hide, laugh, hurt, hurt, and hurt others.

Listen, love. Please just finally love again. If not me everything and everyone else because I’m so tired of seeing you hurt.

You have worked so hard I can only imagine.